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Untangle Your Businessand Create a MortgageLoan-Closing Flywheel

Add 10, 20, 30M+ in production this year by becoming insanely valuable to realtor partners, run proven sales funnels, and Scale with a Personalized & Systematized Action Plan!

+ 30M

+ 20M

What is a Flywheel?

“A heavy revolving wheel in a machine that is used to increase the machine's momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power during interruptions in the delivery of power to the machine.”

Leverage Effect

A Flywheel


Mortgage Flywheel

The 2 Divisions to Make You Unstoppable

We help you Become the Most Valuable Lender in your marketplace by providing the exact Frameworks, Coaching, Campaigns & Pair it with our Proprietary Automation Software to simplify it all 

To Build a Solid Lasting Mortgage Flywheel Machine,
We Focus On OKR's
- Objectives & Key Results

Chaos is the Enemy in business, and that's why we Always start with the end goal in mind; so you too
can systematically obtain the Scalability and predictability of a Loan-Closing Machine.

Operates only with OKR’s

Objective 1

Objective 1

Adding 5-20 Referral Loans per month from a solid 3-10 Vested Realtor Partners

Objective 2

Giving the ability to skip 5-10 Years of hard work to get lasting results by cracking the code in 4 - 12 months

Objective 3

Generating & Converting Great
Quality Leads with predictability and at the lowest market cost.

Objective 4

Providing Unparalleled Value to Realtors and Locking-in 3x More Partners Predictably.

Objective 5

Pioneering the market
and Relentlessly innovating to always stay ahead of the curve

This is not a Typical Program...

We Provide a Holistic Solution To Get you in Immersion.

To Scale a business and change your life deeply, Content is not enough, you need Immersion.
LO University provides everything you need to Implement and Thrive.

Program with 5 "Packs"

Our Program is Well Divided into 5 Packs with Proven Blueprints and Strategies to Hyper-Systematize your Selling, Delivering & Scaling.

12 Month Plan

To Succeed, you need a sustainable Growth Plan with pre-defined milestones to progress consistently with momentum toward BIG goals.

Proven Process & Systematization

We turned the implementation into a science. Follow Practical step-by-step Instructions and track your progress using Key Metrics.

Experts Mentorship

Even the best will have questions and doubts along their journey.  We provide you with Access to the Experts on Coaching Calls, Q&A’s and Facebook. 

Loan Officers Community

You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Our community of like-minded LO’s will let You Collaborate, Get help & Make connections.

Enjoyable Journey

Work can be very hard, and hard is painful. That’s why we take great pride in Eating the

Complexity for you, so you can stay focused.

Battle Tested and Proven results

Does LO University work? The only way to truly know is by comparing Real Peoples results. People who are actively implementing our program.

Some Results

Paul D.

Branch Manager

"I Grew my Business from 1.5m to 3.5m this Year Because of you Guys."

Nick M.

Loan Officer

"Got 9 Million in Volume in last 3 months"

Robert G.

Loan Officer

" I was able to close 15 Big Agents in ONE Year Alone"

Recent Interviews


Greg - Loan Officer

Steve - Loan Officer

Paul Deibler - Branch Manager

United States

United States

Maryland, US


Robert - Loan Officer

David - Loan Officer

Nick - Loan Officer

United States

United States

United States

Meet the Founders - Which will Become Part of Your journey

"We take full ownership of what we do, and look forward to integrating smart LO's to our community in order to help them grow"

Frank S.J.


DJ Christofferson

Co-Founder & Mortgage Broker

Chris Laver



We Believe in Essentialism & Systematization

"An Essentialist produces more —  brings forth more —  by removing more instead of doing more" ... And Systems leverage everything smartly for him"

No Confusion

You shouldn't suffer from information overload and too many decisions

Focus on what matters

You should focus your energy on what truly matters to attain your goals

Model what's working

You shouldn't have to suffer from trying to figure out everything alone

Create a Flywheel

You should always have leverage with a machine that produces results exponentially

"DJ is paving the way on how the lender/realtor relationship of the future will be and those who don't follow suit will be left wondering where their realtor referrals have gone. The value that he brings to his realtor partners is preeminent and unparalleled"

Ben Simkin - Founder of BusinessNet

One of the World's Top Business & Marketing Consultants

"DJ is a tremendous force in the lending world. Having the unique blend of being a great and highly ethical salesperson alongside a marketing skill set that rivals the best in the world, DJ is someone you want mentoring you in the business."

Michael McCormick - Insurance Soup

Career Agent Concepts, Insurance Soup, and Trusted Insurance Brokers

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