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Bridge Profits main goal is to make our clients grow their business with predictability. We always do our maximum with our programs so that our LO's are able to have clients on demand while closing more loans, and enjoy working less and having fun with the business everyday. Whether you want to have a stable flow of clients and more free time, grow your business to multiple 6-figures, or to grind and build a wealth machine. Our team and program can have you achieve your goals with a complete framework that truly works!

The Humans Behind The Scene

D.J. Christofferson

Program Director and Master Coach

Chris Laver

Co-founder, Program Director and Coach

Here's a brief overview of our team, always on duty to ensure that our clients gets the best outcomes.

Program Enrollment Director

John Simpson

Frank S.J.

Co-founder and Program architect

Chris Lewis

Client Success Representative


Head of Program Support

Chase T.

Head of Program Support


Backend Creator And Support Ninja

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Specialist to Guide You

Automation, Technology Geeks and Business Building Pros

Realtors Relationship Specialist to Develop Your Business with Realtors

Experienced LO Understanding Your Needs, Goals and Challenges

A Complete Experienced and Holistic Team

We Chose Very Carefully Whom We Pick In Our Team, So We Can Ensure Maximum Potential For Our Clients

More Details On The Coaches

D.J. Christofferson is known as one of the best when it comes to establishing long term realtor partnerships. In fact, D.J was able to grow his loan officer business to around 200-250 deals/year almost entirely from realtors client referrals, and he's now on a mission to help Loan Officers from all over the world achieve the same.


He is now a partner and coach at Bridge Profits and focuses his efforts on providing comprehensive strategies and detailed programs on how to attract realtors and scale one’s business.


A husband, a father, an imperfect Christian, a marketing enthusiast as well as an avid Harley rider; DJ attributes the successes in his life to 3 things: God's Providence, providing MASSIVE value to everyone he works with and taking SWIFT action.

Chris Laver is the co-founder and coach at Bridge Profits and spend all of his days on developing our program and helping our clients to get maximum results. 

Chris is like a godfather to most, always there watch our clients back and to guide them through the process. Chris knows how to grow and scale a business, and is on a mission to do the same with everyone of our clients in our family. 

Chris’s main focus in the business is to find new innovative strategies to help our clients thrive in the digital marketing world, as well as to make it as easy as possible for everyone to use modern advertising tools, as a way to get realtors true value. 

Over the last few years, Chris has spent over 7-figures, of his own money, on online media to generate 100,000s of leads and 10,000s of clients for himself and other companies. 

When Chris isn’t working he loves to enjoy a good talk with people around a nice whiskey and cuban cigar.

Chris Laver

Co-founder, Program Director and Marketing Expert

Program Educator and Director,  Active Loan officer specializing in realtor Partnerships

D.J. Christofferson

What Other Specialists Have To Say On D.J. Chistofferson

Ryan Stewman aka Hardcore Closer

One of America's Top Sales Coaches

"It's always inspiring to see someone come into their full potential. Over the last few years I've had the pleasure of watching DJ go through experiences, gain expertise and exponentially grow because of it...You'll also find that DJ has knowledge, personal evolution and speaks from the heart."

"DJ is paving the way on how the lender/realtor relationship of the future will be and those who don't follow suit will be left wondering where their realtor referrals have gone. The value that he brings to his realtor partners is preeminent and unparalleled. If you're looking to take your mortgage business to new levels then you'd be smart to do what DJ does."

Ben Simkin - Founder of BusinessNet

One of the World's Top Business & Marketing Consultants

Michael McCormick - Insurance Serial Entrepreneur

"I have personally known DJ at this point for 3 years. He is a consummate professional, a gentleman, and a tremendous force in the lending world. Having the unique blend of being a great and highly ethical salesperson alongside a marketing skill set that rivals the best in the world, DJ is someone you want mentoring you in the business. He is trustworthy, hard working and caring. I would recommend any Loan Officer looking to up their game significantly to work with and learn from DJ"

Owner of Career Agent Concepts, Insurance Soup, and Trusted Insurance Brokers

Our holistic family office approach offers a full range of experts from every relevant field. This sets us apart from any other program, solutions or other "guru" in the market.


Bridge Profits gives you a complete turn key program, with multidimensional advice, a complete system and a step-by-step plan to follow what is proven to yield amazing results. A true success road map that is normally reserved for the ultra-wealthy only. 


Established in 2011, we demonstrate our devotion to taking excellent care of our clients by surrounding them with a team of credentialed and real life experienced experts. Our team includes a HIGH PRODUCING LOAN OFFICER, BUSINESS MASTER AND MARKETING EXPERT and all their experience compounded into 1 unique program - Realtors On Demand.

Here's A Brief Description About Our Company

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