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*Note : we take our client privacy very seriously and we only display the ones that accepted to be used online.  Please don't over contact these people as they are also busy building their awesome business like you :)


Jerry D Holcomb

Sunnyvale, California, US

Linda Yost Boshinski

Denver, Colorado, US

Michael D Steller

Denver, Colorado, US

Karen Keyser

San Diego, California, US

Jeff Van Nostran

Bothell, Washington, US

Devin Bunnell

Maryland, US

Steve Dainard

Niagara Falls, Ontario, CAN

Paul Deibler

Maryland, US

Bob Friel

Denver, Colorado, US 

Justice Roberts

Puyallup, Washington, US

Kathy Federico

South Pasadena, California, US 

Darren Geddes

Maryland, United States

Calvin Chitwood-Hinson

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Eddie Rosales

Huntington Beach, CA, US

A Bit Written

We love generating results with our clients, here's what some of them have nice to say.

"The level of personal service that they have offered me has been much better than expected. Any time I have a question I feel like I can call them up or message them on FB and get a quick answer. Being able to generate leads and pass them out to Realtors has allowed me to get in the drivers seat of that relationship and allowed me to feel like I have a value add above other Lenders. I’m making as much money this month as I did in all of last year. Cheers."

Miles Lamborne

Mortgage Broker at 1st Financial, Inc

"Love Bridge Profits! The content is professional with a cool vibe and it’s easy to read and customize to your own brand. I really feel as if I’m in control of my referral partner network by providing value to them. Gone are the days of “I’m a great guy, I have access to 50 lenders…throw me a bone…”

Steve Dainard

Loan Officer at Mortgage Intelligence

"Bridge profits is a great trusted innovative partner that has your best interests in mind. My dealings with them were exciting and revealing in the lead generation market. Check them out Today!"

Devin Bunnel

Loan Officer at Citywide Home Loans

"Christopher at Bridge Profits has been amazing to work with and has always been on top of helping me out regardless of the request. The systems and marketing they offer is cutting edge and has yielded amazing returns to my business. I recommend Bridge Profits to anyone I run into looking to grow their business."

Adil A. Rahman

Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Alliance

"The guys and team at Bridge Profits helped me massively increase the amount of loans that I used to close, but they also reduced my workload throughout the whole process. I’m still growing exponentially, and on top of that I have more time to focus on what I love… Flipping Houses."

Ritchie Deraiche

Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Planners

"I can not rave enough about the level of service that is offered. Probably the best marketing company in the world. I absolutely love their system!"

Brandon Karns

Mortgage Loan Originator at Integrity First Financial Inc.

"Simple. Quick. Easy to put into practice… Did I mention it was simple? The Bridge Profits team are true specialists when it comes down to generating a consistent flow of leads and referrals. By far the best investment I have ever made in my Mortgage career. Thanks to the team!"

Jessey Savard

Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Planners

"The team at Bridge Profits has been amazing to work with and has always been on top of helping me out regardless of the request. The systems and marketing they offer is cutting edge and has yielded amazing returns to my business. I recommend Bridge Profits to anyone I run into looking to grow their business."

Mohamed Graham

Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Planners

I'm always a little skeptical about "lead generation" programs - and with good reason - but Bridge Profits has far exceeded my expectations. Chris and DJ and the gang are really committed to helping you build your business. I now have a platform to offer real value to Realtors that no one else is offering. Bridge Profits gives you a way to add new Realtor relationship while also generating your own new leads. Best of all, they're constantly coming up with new things to offer and help with implementing all the systems they put together for us. Best money I've ever spent in the business.

Brian Cardenas

Branch Manager at Skyline Home

Loans - Phoenix

I signed up about 6 months ago and it's been the best move I have made in my mortgage career. At the time I wasn't sure if I was going to stay in the business due to the position we were in as Loan Officers. We really weren't appreciated by most realtors for what we did. We were a dime a dozen in their eyes and the loyalty really wasn't there. Now I have something to offer them that no other LO has and they know it and they love it. It creates extreme value which in turn creates extreme loyalty on their end and ultimately a solid partnership that will last. I owe a lot to Bridge Profits and look forward to many good things to come!!

David Steckel

Mortgage Loan Originator at Huntingdon Valley Bank

A lot of marketing banks on empty promises. Bridge Profits take the opposite approach...serve, serve and serve. These guys are fantastic. They truly go above and beyond to provide value and taking that note alone is infinitely valuable for a business. This is the real deal and a true opportunity to pass value on to your Realtors and build relationships. Simply awesome.

Matt Royer

Mortgage Planner at Homes Mortgage

I knew facebook was a good way to be a part of the conversation for people who are looking to buy a home, I just didn't know how to do it. Bridge Profits really does a great job of teaching you how to use facebook to do a variety of advertising. The best part is that they keep coming up with new stuff and they have training sessions every week along with the facebook group so that you can learn and see what's working and what isn't. Keep up the great work, BP.

Jed Wunderli

Mortgage Planner at Noble Home Loans

The Bridge Profits program is the best money I've ever spent. The education, the content, the platform and the community support alone make this program worth while. But, the amount of time, support and live availability that David, D.J. and Chris all dedicate to helping those of us that enroll is amazing! Thank you guys for all you do for us!

Michael Gillett

Mortgage Broker at Academy Mortgage - Salem

I've been working with these guys since March of this year and it's been the best program I've ever been a part of! Well worth every penny. It's changed the way I've been working my business and I'm now able to bring TRUE value to Realtors that I want to partner with. ROI is great and I highly recommend!

Brent VanderGriend

Brent VanderGriend Team - Fairway Mortgage

Bridge Profits is an extremely valuable company that will help any LO that is willing to implement, learn, and grow! I have been here for a little over 7 months and have seen drastic changes in my business!

Michael Ehlers

Mortgage Loan Originator at Gershman Mortgage

This has been one of the best decisions I made in my 14 year career as a loan originator. Bridge Profits covers every aspects of what is needed to grow as a top producing loan originator. The support they provide and quick follow-up to my questions is like nothing I've ever seen. They truly want to see every member be successful and it shows. They also continue to come up with new ideas and marketing techniques which keeps us relevant and on top of our game. I am so thankful I met these guys.

Robert Graybill

Sr. Loan Officer in Fairfield, CT

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